Alfa 2024

20.01.2024, Sports hall Tallinn, Herne 30, Tallinn IN ESTONIAN

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First indoor rowing competition in Estonia was held in the end of year 1993. There were 54 participants. Year in year out the number of contestants has grown to approximately half a thousand. Besides professional rowers there are participants from other sports, politiciants, companyes, school students, military, lifesaving service and indoor rowing hobbysts.
Alfa history

Joel Naukkarinen beat Tõnu Endrekson

Joel Naukkarinen did not give any chance to the best Estonian indoor rower Tõnu Endrekson this year, the Finn lead the race from the start till the end winning by 1,5 seconds. Allar Raja stepped on podium as third.



Tõnu Endrekson won again

Tõnu Endrekson was challenged in final heat by Finnish Joel Naukkarinen – a great future potential in Finnish rowing. Endrekson started 1000m distance as usual by a strong lead, but Naukkarinen closed in quite soon. Endrekson did not give in during final meters and won another gold. Naukkarinen became second with Finnish record time, Allar Raja took third place.



Three estonians on the podium

Estonians ruled Alfa Race again. Tõnu Endrekson won Allar Raja and Kaspar Taimsoo in an exciting final race. Andrei Jämsä and Latvian Gints Zunde rowed close behind the first three.



Tõnu Endrekson, Allar Raja and Andrei Jämsä

Tõnu Endrekson, Allar Raja and Andrei Jämsä did not give a chance to anyone else at Alfa Race 2013. Endrekson started as a leader in the race and won stoutly, Allar Raja secured his second place since beginning and Jämsä won third place.



Belarus Pavel Šurmei third

Latvian and Estonian were again competing for the gold at Alfa Race – Tõnu Endrekson took the lead from the beginning and managed to stay in front of Dairis Adamaitis until the end. Third place was won by Pavel Šurmei Belarus – after a few years’ break in competing at Alfa.



Very dramatic final

Tõnu Endrekson from Pärnu managed to defeat Latvian Dairis Adamaitis during a very dramatic final struggle: at couple of hundred meters before finish line the Latvian was behind Endrekson just by two meters. Allar Raja became third, Konstantin Zaitsev forth and Kaspar Taimsoo fifth.



Tõnu Endrekson won

Tõnu Endrekson won Alfa 2010 men’s race leaving Allar Raja and Andrei Jämsä behind. There was close to 40 competitors in men’s class that year. Patrick Goodfellow was the competitor who had travelled the longest distance to take part of Alfa Race – he was travelling to Siberia for work in forestry business and realized our rowing competition fits into his travel schedule on the way back home – eventually winning bronze in younger masters’ category.



Belarus Pavel Šurmei won again

Belarus rower Pavel Šurmei won Alfa Race again, he dominated the race already from the start. Other podium places were unknown until the final meters – Tõnu Endrekson came out of the rivalry as second and Alvar Räägel as third. Latvian Dairis Adamaitis, Vladimir Latin and Jüri Jaanson divided final positions 4 to 6.



Latvian rower Kristaps Bokums won Alfa

Latvian rower Kristaps Bokums did not give Tõnu Endrekson any chances at Alfa Race 2008 – his strokes so powerful that his rowing machine had to be kept in place during the race. Allar Raja took third place. Teams’ race saw Olympic gold medallist Erki Nool in competition. Together with teammates Rainer Nõlvak, Ain-Alar Juhanson and Mihkel Mardna they won gold among teams.



Alfa Race winner was Tõnu Endrekson

Alfa Race winner was Tõnu Endrekson, who had strong competition by Adam Kreek - a Canadian top rower with Estonian heritage. Kreek made sharp start, Tõnu Endrekson managed to reach Kreek only by final quarter of the distance. The Canadian rower could not hold his high pace until the end and Endrekson won gold. Allar Raja finished third and never-tiring Jüri Jaanson forth.



Šurmei remained unbeatable again

Pavel Šurmei remained unbeatable again. Kristaps Bokums from Latvia took second place, Tõnu Endrekson stepped at third place on podium.



Czech Vaclav Chalupa at third place

Same scenario repeated – Belarus rower Pavel Šurmei won in front of Tõnu Endrekson with strong final meters of the race. Legendary Czech Vaclav Chalupa finished at third place, Jüri Jaanson was forth. Alfa Race had a record number of participants – 550 indoor rowers tried their best.



Pavel Šurmei was the winner

Pavel Šurmei was the winner in men’s category for second year in a row leaving Tõnu Endrekson at second place. Alfa Race donated a Concept2 rowing machine to Harju County Rescue unit. Rowing machine has been extremely popular training tool among firefighters in several countries and rescuers have rowed good results even at top competitions. The world record owner of indoor rowing, German rower Matthias Siejkowski was a rescuer by occupation.



Kaisa Pajusalu started her winning streak

Kaisa Pajusalu started her winning streak of many years to come becoming first among B-class girls. Pavel Šurmei from Belarus won among men with time 2:39,8 – 1000m world record in indoor rowing. Second place went to Tõnu Endrekson, third to Matthias Siejkowski.



Tõnu Endrekson took his first gold

Legendary “Kalev” sports hall was the venue for Alfa Race that year and many years to come. Among participants was also German rower Matthias Siejkowski who was indoor rowing world champion. He had to make due as second best in short distance Alfa Race since Tõnu Endrekson took his first gold that year. Jüri Jaanson became third.



Jüri Jaanson beat Iztok Cop

Year 2000 was significant since 125. anniversary of Estonian Rowing was celebrated. Alfa Race took place at Tallinn Sports hall. Jüri Jaanson took being faster than Iztok Cop and Tõnu Endrekson. Among juniors Andrei Jämsä won for the first time.



Best rower of 1999 was Jüri Jaanson

Alfa Race took place in Pirita TOP tennis hall. Team races started to get unusually high popularity – in addition to company teams there were even teams of political parties among competitors (Keskerakond, Mõõdukad, Isamaliit and Arengupartei). Also, a VIP race took place, the winner was Jürgen Ligi. Men’s best indoor rower of 1999 was Jüri Jaanson, Klaus Geiger became second and Tõnu Endrekson earned a place on podium outperforming top rowers Iztok Cop and Vaclav Chalupat.



Finn Klaus Geiger gained his second gold

Indoor rowing race was named Alfa, knowledge of the competition was spreading fast and total number of competitors reached close to 200. Finn Klaus Geiger gained his second gold, leaving behind Jüri Jaanson and Iztok Cop



Klaus Geiger took the men’s victory

First ever international indoor rowing race took place in “Kalev” sports hall. Klaus Geiger took the men’s victory to Finland by defeating Jüri Jaanson and Leonid Prokofjev. Competitors total count reached over 100 that year.



Priit Tasane became first in men’s category

Priit Tasane became first in men’s category. Second place was taken by Silver Sonntak, third Hain Helde. Tõnu Endrekson opened his winning score being first among A-class juniors.



Jüri Jaanson won men’s finals again

Indoor rowing competitions continued in Flora sports hall. Tõnu Endrekson – today the best Estonian indoor rower of all times – entered competition for the first time as a junior. Unfortunately, he did not manage to row into finals that time. Jüri Jaanson won men’s finals again, beating Toomas Vilpart and Priit Tasane.



The winner was Jüri Jaanson

First indoor rowing competition took place at Lootos sports society premises, event organised by Tallinn Rowing Club. There were 54 competitors. The winner among men was Jüri Jaanson, being by far the best with powerful 1000m time of 2.51,8.


The beginning of Alfa competition

20. January 2024
Spordihall Tallinn (Herne 30, Tallinn)
Starts st 11:00 AM


Tel: 609 6265 | Mob: 51 58 315 (EST, ENG)
Mob: 53 320 379 (EST, RUS)
e-mail: penteer@concept2.ee, info@soudespinning.ee


Rowing Club Tallinn, Estonian Rowing

Participation fee

Individuals: 25€ | Under-19: 20€
NB! 20.01.2024 50€|40€
University and Military teams FREE
Elementary- and high school teams FREE
Teams: 80€


Preliminary races
16. best times to the finals

Competition classes 1000m

Mens, Womens, Mens l/w (<75kg), Womens l/w (<61,5kg)
Mens for all, Womans for all

Veterans 1000m

VetM 30+, VetN 30+ (1994 and earlier born)
VetM 40+, VetN 40+ (1984 and earlier born)
VetM 50+, VetN 50+ (1974 and earlier born)
VetM 60+, VetN 60+ (1964 and earlier born)
VetM 70+, VetN 70+ (1954 and earlier born)
VetM 80+, VetN 80+ (1944 and earlier born)

Under 19 1000m

Mens U-19, Womans U-19 (2006-2007.yb)
Mens U-17, Womans U-17 (2008-2009. yb)
Mens U-15, Womans U-15 (2010 and younger)


All teams

Para rowers 1000m

PR1/PR2 - womans, PR1/PR2 - Mens
PR3 - womans, PR3 - mens

Alfa 2024 regulation (pdf)
Participant behavior (pdf)

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